Dress Too Small

My review for Roxie is waaaaaay overdue! My wedding planner had recommended Roxie for my wedding gown alterations, and I’m so glad I found her! I ordered a very expensive dress from a boutique gown shop in Beverly Hills. When my dress came in, the girl could not zip the back up over my hips – I had not gained weight, they had ordered a too small dress. Roxie basically had to remake the back of my dress, which ended up being way better! She removed the lame zipper and put in a lace-up back. It was a fight to get extra lace from the dress designer as they said more lace wasn’t needed, but both Roxie and I placed calls and emails and finally got the lace. She is such a lovely person that I invited her to my wedding. Roxie came while I was getting ready to help my mom lace up the back of the dress. After pre-wedding pictures, a side seam split and Roxie rushed back to see it. Amazing! She went above and beyond, and I highly recommend her.

Melissa G. February 13, 2017