Talented Artist

roxie-couture-katie wedding dress alterationsRoxie is an amazing person and an incredibly talented artist. I found dress shopping to be one of the most stressful parts of wedding planning. Aside from the cost you know that everyone will be looking at you, its a crazy amount of pressure!! I ended up buying a sample gown that was about 4 sizes too big for me. Roxie had to basically remake my dress. I asked her to change the lace-up back for a zipper with bottoms trailing all the way down the dress, she lowered the back and completely rebuilt the bodice. She hemmed and did an amazing french bustle. Overall, I saw her 7 times throughout the course of my alterations. She never rushed me (meaning she let me stay in my dress, I loved it so much it was hard to take off!) she listened to every concern that I had and she did beautiful work. I included before, progress and after pictures of my dress, but it really doesn’t do it justice. Roxie single handedly made me feel like a beautiful bride on my wedding day.

Katie L. February 13, 2017