roxie-couture-camdin wedding dress alterationsRoxie is PHENOMENAL! My dress was a few sizes too big, not to mention the lace was so intricate, other places we went too were not so sure on how they planned on making the alterations I needed. Her work is unbelievable and the poor woman works herself to death for “her brides.” 🙂 She truly loves each and every one of the girls that see her and her 100% goal is to make sure you are happy, even if it is at her own expense. She is a little more expensive than most places, but its because she truly puts her blood, sweat, and tears into these dresses (and countless late nights) and it is so worth it. If you have a budget like I did, consider lowering it elsewhere, NOT on your dress alterations. Roxie truly is not only an amazing wedding dress alterationist, but a wonderful person that will work with you and gives you lots of advice for the wedding day! Go to her before purchasing shoes or undergarments as well, she knows all the little tricks! If it weren’t for her, I wouldn’t have realized the shoes I bought made my feet throb within minutes and she immediately had a solution and I purchased new shoes that same day. Thank you so much Roxie! I will be sending all of my girlfriends to you!


Camdin J. February 13, 2017